Friday, December 3, 2010


Some good news to report. After a six plus years, my novel, GONE THE SUN, has been published and is available at, and

The idea of doing the book came from a discussion with old camp friend, Mike Klepper. He proposed an idea, and I ran with it. For a year he and I would meet, he giving me his thoughts, me giving him mine, followed by my getting back to the computer and fleshing the ideas out and writing what became a first draft that ran longer than WAR AND PEACE. Then, working like a mad man, there came a a second version and now, finally, a book that I am very proud of, GONE THE SUN.

What's amazing to me is that reading the novel as an actual book and not as the text I have been working on at the computer, the book and its characters take on a new life, and I read it as though reading it for the first time. Though I have written many magazine articles and interviews in the past, this was a totally new and exciting experience.

Hopefully, those of you who know me will buy a copy. If you do, and you like it, please leave a comment on the b&n and/or amazon website. I'd really appreciate it.
More later.