Sunday, June 10, 2007

What It's All About

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Paul Lang said...

Dear Mr. Laffel,

You wouldn't remember me right away
(will take you 5 or 6 mins), but
chiefly you knew me when you were
Class Advisor to Class of '71, and
before that when I was in your Variety Show, around 1966, where I
played a Beatle.

Your most memorable moment of me
would be through one of your favorite students. I didn't have
the honor of taking English from you, but my oldest buddy did.
--And he always spoke highly of you
to me.

So, I was graduating in June of '71
and approached you and asked you
to sign my yearbook.

When you were signing, I asked you
if you remembered my oldest buddy:
Tom Cline. (He grew up across the
street from me. And he still is my
buddy-my buddy of 54 years!)

To my surprise, you responded:
"You know, I sometimes still think
of that kid!"
(This really was surprising because
he had moved away from Elmont in
1967--after about his 7th or 8th grade).

So, after reflecting about my oldest buddy, and the other things
I have written, do you remember me


Paul Lang
Class of '71

PS: Mr. Furnari knew me well. Are
you in contact with him? He lives
in Famingdale, I last heard, and
knows my friend Marianne Rabito
(Married name: Scimeca)

At that point