Thursday, January 27, 2011


The book has been going well and, thankfully, the comments on it are excellent. Gotta tell you, I couldn't be happier. Should you stumble upon this and you haven't read the novel, please do and let me know what you think of it.

Just back from a whirlwind vacation in San Francisco and Phoenix. Bonnie Cohen threw a wonderful dinner party for a few of those in our 6th grade class (no, she isn't old..I was her teacher.) Had a great time with her, Barbara Scheinman, Neil Cramer, Mark Horowitz and another refugee from the frozen north, Don Greif. Great company, great food...great evening.

I also spent some quality time with my nephew Dylan, his wife Anna (who could not be closer to me if she were a blood relative) and their two beautiful kids, Shane and Soren. Dylan and I took a walk up and down the hills around their home catching up for lost time.

After that, on to Phoenix with a short but very pleasant visit with my sister and then back to NYC just missing the latest storm by hours.

And that's it for now.