Thursday, January 5, 2012


COWBOYS AND ALIENS might just be the worst film of 2011! Starting with an almost incomprehensible storyline adapted from a comic book (Oops! Sorry! Graphic novel.), the film meanders all over the place while it tries to decide if it's a western (watch out for those Apaches!) or Sc-Fi flick (these aliens are pissed!) In it's search for a meaning it includes rip offs of the Spielberg classic (he was a producer so they probably call the rip offs homages!) and wastes the talents of Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.
(Spoiler alert) The film also tries to find its heart by including a beautiful dog, rapprochement between cowboys and Apaches and a sickeningly sweet subplot about fathers and sons that, it seems, even the actors don't believe. (You want a great film with that theme, go back and watch FIELD OF DREAMS again).

Then there is Olivia Wilde who has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in a film. Well there has to be something to keep you watching. And, okay, the scenery is beautiful and the explosions in blu ray are pretty awesome, though I think cooler heads should have prevailed as the last shot of the alien's space ship (a large phallic tube) exploding brings to mind the tragedy of the Challenger disaster.

The dog was beautiful, Olivia's eyes were beautiful and the landscape was beautiful. Other than that, COWBOYS AND ALIENS was one of the worst films I have seen since I walked out of DUDDLEY DO-RIGHT years ago. Just awful!

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Sorry about the bad spelling and incorrect grammar. Still have to get used to using this thing, especially when really tired from a long day and a dreadful film.