Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Blues

It;s been a long time since last I posted on here and some of you may know that the reason for that is that I wrote a new book! A mystery, the first, I hope in a series, that follows the adventures o a middle aged school Film Study, A.P. teacher at the fictional town of Cromwell, Long Island. The book is called THE BODY UNDER THE BLEACHERS and its the kind of book that you can curl up with, possibly with a blanket wrapped around you, the book in one hand, a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate in the other and lose yourselves for an hour or two in the lives of some wonderful people and some dastardly evil ones as well. Nothing really deep going on here as there was in GONE THE SUN, but a fun ride from the beginning to end. for sale at, and Hard cover, paper back, kindle, nook etc. I hoe you like it and if you do, please let me know here, on facebook or on Amazon. The next one in the series is underway. Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday and will have an amazing new year. As always, Jeff

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